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Alkaline Water Products

More about the Alkaline Mineral Oxygen Enriched Water

Utilizing the Reverse Osmosis water as a base, and then adding healthy minerals back into the water you can be assured to have the best drinking water available for your loved ones. Using our “7 stage Oxygen Enriched RO Water” as a base we simply add the perfect balance of minerals back into the RO water. This changes the acidic RO water into perfect natural Alkaline Mineral Water. The Alkaline Mineral Water, after the Coral Calcium Media filter, has perfectly balanced proportions of minerals necessary for healthy development of the human body. It will reduce acidity in the body and will produce natural calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium ions that can be absorbed 100% into the human body.

More about the Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water

To further enhance your Live Life Love Water experience we added a Health Water product as a natural step into the health market, our Alkaline Ionized Health Water is undoubtedly a best seller that exceed all expectations. The perfectly pH alkaline water helps minimize the fluctuations in your body’s pH. Using our Life 9100 Ionizer we create the best quality health water available with your good health in mind. Ionized water is a drinking water changed (ORP) to supply us with large amounts of electrons. This will enhance the oxygen in our body to stop oxidation of normal cells. Alkaline ionized water is one of the most important health prevention gains of our generation. Being a powerful anti-oxidant, it supplies our body with an abundance of oxygen that indirectly gives us energy. It also regulates the pH of our body helping to prevent sickness.

Effects of Alkaline Ionized Water

  • Neutralize accumulated toxins in the body – detoxifies the body.
  • Regulates the body pH.
  • Improves and strengthens the immune system.
  • It is a strong antioxidant.
  • Supplies the organism with sufficient amounts of oxygen and energy.