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Alkaline Water Filtration Process

Our Perfectly Prepared Mineral Oxygen Enriched Water Process

Step 1

Our Water is sent through a 5 Micron sediment filter to remove sludge, dirt and other un-dissolved solids.

Step 2

The next step is to filter our water through multimedia CLINO-X, KDF, GAC and a 1 Micron filter to remove pesticides, hormones, herbicides, chlorine, iron and other organic chemicals.

Step 3

Our water is then passed through a Nano filtration process removing 99% of all dissolved solids (down to 0.001 micron).

Step 4

The water then passes a Ultra Violet disinfection unit before entering our product holding tanks

Step 5

Ozone is then injected onto the water, eliminating all bacteria and viruses. The ozone then turns into oxygen as it comes into contact with water, resulting in fresh oxygen enriched mineral water.

Step 6

We then send our water through a post carbon filter for freshness, taste and odour to ensure great tasting water